"Sant'Antonio da Padova" glazed ceramic medallion

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"Sant'Antonio da Padova" glazed ceramic medallion

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Made in: Grottaglie (TA)

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Decorate your home with the Saint Anthony of Padua enamelled ceramic medallion. The medallion has an iron hook on the top and comes with a grosgrain lace.

The Medallions are born from the recovery of ancient molds depicting Saints, Madonnas and other symbols of the Christian religion. They are unique objects, in glazed ceramic, handmade by Apulian potters. Once upon a time, iron medallions were widely used by devotees and brotherhoods, who wore them during religious processions. We decided to reinterpret medallions in a pop key, using bright and warm colors, unusual for these objects which, once upon a time, were only glazed in white or light blue. The medallions thus become incredible decorative objects for indoor and outdoor environments.

Saint Anthony of Padua was a Portuguese religious and priest belonging to the Franciscan order. He is the protector of the poor, downtrodden, orphans, prisoners, castaways, sick children, glaziers, recruits, pregnant women, the hungry, travelers, animals, lost property, fishermen, horses, sailors, Native Americans, barrenness, boyfriends, marriage.

Recurrence : June 13th

Symbology : Book, Fish, Candid Lily, Child Jesus, Bread, Flame, Heart


The product does not require any particular maintenance and cleaning is simple and effective. To clean, use water and neutral detergents .

This operation can be carried out with a damp cloth, then rinse and dry with a dry cloth.

Avoid thermal shocks which could cause lesions in the ceramic.

The frequent and prolonged use of enamelled objects could cause the loss of enamel in the parts most exposed to shocks, this is a physiological effect that does not alter their quality and functionality.